Ronja Artemis Korsitrakhos
A teenage mutant with extraordinary abilities and huge troubles with taming them. Young and naive, she can be as vulnerable as she is dangerous. Because under all the scales, claws and fangs there is a girl with a heart that can bleed.

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make me choose → moncherik asked: charles xavier or erik lehnsherr?


“When thinking of iconic romance, ask yourself if any imagery (paintings, photographs, film-stills) comes to mind that is not showing heterosexual couples? Probably not,” says photographer Braden Summers of his photo series of everyday gay and lesbian couples from around the globe.


If you know you can deflect it, then you’re not challenging yourself.

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Mesmerized by the center gif, that endlessly delightful swagger. Still watching… still… watching…

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when u start rping with someone and ur muse instantly develops a crush on theirs



Just found some old WIP…


Just found some old WIP…


Pending X-men: Days of Future Past…


Pending X-men: Days of Future Past…


Blue Ponies. I created this piece for an Open Houses exhibition in June.
Along with the incredibly talented Trevor Scobie and Will Scobie


Blue Ponies. I created this piece for an Open Houses exhibition in June.

Along with the incredibly talented Trevor Scobie and Will Scobie



#possibly the worst photoset in existence 

man, all you gotta do is to imagine steve doing all of these post-cap2:

1. pressed shoulder to shoulder with bucky on the couch, watching their old war tapes, ha you looked like such a weiner with your hair like that

2. getting calls from natasha!! all hours of the night and day. steve’ll be jogging or something and his cell will buzz and it’ll be from an unlisted number, hey what is your opinion on [deep philosophical/moral/political issue] and also rhodey wants your rsvp for the batchelor party, he knows you’ve been avoiding him and wants you to know that despite what tony says there’s NOT going to be strippers.

she also gives him rides to and from visiting peggy. on the drives back she plays harry james and lets steve be silent and nostalgic, looking out the window

3. sam loves open-air cafes, loves any excuse to eat outside. every sunday, he and steve will pick a new one to brunch in, obstinately to round out steve’s 21st century culinary education, but mostly so that sam can update his not-so-secret foodie blog. as they sip their coffee after the meal, steve brings out a small sketchpad and draws buildings, people, and a lot of sam’s face as he hunches over his laptop, muttering about the consistency of chocolate mousse.

4. bucky’s crammed into that seat by the window, leaning into steve’s space as he hotly debates the artistic merits of inception versus early hitchcock films with natasha, who’s sitting in the perpendicular seat. it’s dissolved into russian and steve’s worried that they’re either conspiring to kill someone or go halfsies on a wedding present for tony & pepper without cutting steve in like they promised. sam’s hanging onto the rail by steve’s shoulder, scrolling through imgur on this phone. occasionally he’ll shove it in steve’s face and 9/10 times it’ll be a picture of some kid dressed up like captain america. or falcon. steve can’t help but smile, soft and ridiculous, every single time.

(they’re going out drinking, they’re going home to crash, they’re going to kill a man. doesn’t matter. they’re young-ish adults in the city that never sleeps. they’ll figure it out.)

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